I. abbreviation
Usage: often not capitalized
recommended dietary allowance
II. abbreviation
often not capitalized recommended daily allowance

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1. (not in technical use) recommended daily allowance. Cf. U.S. RDA.
Also, R.D.A.

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Recommended daily (or dietary) allowance

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RDA UK [ˌɑː(r) diː ˈeɪ] US [ˌɑr di ˈeɪ] noun [singular]
recommended daily allowance: the amount of something such as a vitamin that you should have every day
Thesaurus: substances and chemicals in food and drinkhyponym types of food or drinkhypernym

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RDA (no periods),
recommended dietary allowance.

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abbr. recommended daily (or dietary) allowance, the quantity of a particular nutrient which should be consumed daily in order to maintain good health

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US recommended daily allowance; recommended dietary allowance

50 percent of the U.S. RDA of iron

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RDA 7 [RDA] [ˌɑː diː ˈei] [ˌɑːr diː ˈei] abbreviation
recommended daily allowance (the amount of a chemical, for example a ↑vitamin or a mineral, which you should have every day)

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